A Little Bit About Me

Technology is more than my career; it's a lifelong passion. I have been an avid software developer for over 15 years. I love inspiring engineers to create applications and systems initially thought impossible. It's my mission to create environments where people can do the best work of their lives.

I have hired, led, and mentored software engineers, developers, and system administrators in every job I've held. I've worked in software, DevOps, and cybersecurity. Technology isn't just a vocation to me, but my entertainment and passion.

Technology can be daunting. Many problems can't be solved in a linear manner. Problems are rarely isolated, and more often than not, great opportunities are wrapped up inside simple problems. Most businesses simply don't know what solutions are possible. I obsess over whatever I am innovating or safeguarding until it's done. I don't get easily frustrated with hardware and software problems; instead, I see them as a challenge, an intellectual puzzle to be solved.

I'm the CEO of Level, where we are building an intuitive remote monitoring and management platform for IT professionals.

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Jacob Haug